Dad & Me

Congratulations you did it!  Well she did, but you were right by her side.  Now you’re all home and the real journey has just begun.  The first 3 months of parenthood can be extremely fulfilling, yet challenging at times for not only the baby or new mom but for new dads as well.  This class is an opportunity to:

-find your place in this new equation
-bond with your baby
-adjust to the ever changing reality of fatherhood
-find ways to help mom during this time
-and share your experience in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment with fellow fathers and their newborns.

Nothing is off limits during these sessions.  We will discuss everything from swaddling to sleep deprivation, shared caregiving to career adjustments.  The role of the father is evolving right before our eyes and as dads we’re on the frontline of the most significant mission one could face -raising another human being.  So bring your bundle of joy (and noise) and let’s navigate this stage together.  We will learn, grow and be lead by our common desire to be the best father’s we can be.  Moms are irreplaceable.  Fathers are too.