"Certified Dads" Infant & Child CPR Certification

Our CURRENT RATE is $60 to become certified in Infant and Child CPR Certification.

This is a monthly offering. Dates and times vary.

Certified Dads is a service provided to fathers that wish to be certified in infant and child CPR but have been deterred from doing so due to the costs of becoming certified, a lack of service providers in their area or some other reason.  Our mission is to match fathers wishing to become certified (for at least half the cost of market rates) with instructors/certificate providers we've partnered with who wish to offer this discount.

Become a life saver.  A modern day superhero that has the ability to save a child's life with your skill, hands and will.  Become certified in infant and child CPR for half the cost of the market rate in your region.   

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