Tangible Transmedia produces content and branded entertainment for all media platforms while also providing supplementary tangible works, intellectual properties and venues (or "living sets") that simultaneously coexist within the dramatic narrative unfolding onscreen and in the real world. 

By producing tangible projects that compliment the narrative, each measure, venue or other work serves a dual purpose by providing an entry point to the brand or story-world (adding rare depth to the narrative) while simultaneously promoting it's cause and generating revenue as it's own stand alone brand or product to be experienced, developed and contemplated by consumers, viewers, investors and industry experts. 

Tangible’s application of transmedia principles is unprecedented because of the specific arrangement and delivery of media via traditional mediums for storytelling and nontraditional creative vehicles.

At the point where film asks the viewer to think or documentaries leave the viewer informed, Tangible Transmedia engages and invites the viewer to participate and possibly influence the next chapter of this increasingly global narrative. 

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