"Dad & Me" quickly becoming a new dad's best kept secret.

by James Mahaffey

We just finished up our second session of Dad & Me at Little Lovage Club and Lovage Babyblends and I'm sad to see it end. This is one of those situations that you never expect to become such an integral part of your weekly routine but it quickly does. It's therapeutic, it's honest, it's laid-back, it's informative and adds perspective to a situation that us dads previously went through alone (in some ways). Technically, I teach the class but I assure you I got just as much out of it as anyone else and I couldn't have asked for a cooler group of guys to hang out with these past few Sundays (hence our decision to continue to meet). Even second timers like me could stand to benefit. So if you know of any dads (and babies) that are looking for some sort of outlet or dedicated dad/baby time, or a mom looking for a few sunday mornings to herself check out the link and register for our next session. http://ow.ly/CHlTO    -reporting from the #frontlinesofFatherhood

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