by James Mahaffey

This morning was a pleasant one up until this point.  In typical fashion I headed to the fridge to make her a bottle before making her morning oatmeal.  After grabbing the milk from the fridge (on the way to the counter) the suicidal milk carton brushed my thigh, jumped out of my hands, and spilled it's full worth onto the ground (%$#)!  Why this sucks..

1) It's the beginning of the day and now I have a pretty substantial clean up on my hands.  Not a fun way to start our morning.  1A) Plus I needed to continue to prepare her food while keeping an impatient and inevitably thirsty munchkin happy. 

2) The realization that this floor will now require a full wipe down with the "special" cleaner for hardwoods. 

3) Organic milk is not cheap but still a very necessary substitute considering all the rBGH and other chemicals that are now found in "regular" milk. 

4) I need to change my right sock. 

In the end this spill was #NotNinjaLike at all. 


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